About Reykjavik Sea Adventures

Sea Adventures is run by Reykjavik Sea Adventures ehf. Sea Adventures offers boats tours from Reykjavik old harbour  both schedule and private.

The company can trace its roots to 2002 when our first boat started operation.  From the start we have offered Sea angling tours, puffin watching  tours and private tours of all sorts.

Sea Adventures focuses on individuals and smaller groups of up to 40 people. We have sold more sea angling tours to the Icelanders than any other tour company and are the biggest in sea angling tours.  Our crew and owners  are mostly professionals from the fishing industry and have many years of experience.

Rent a boat for you private tour with us

We offer you the best possible Puffin experience and viewing and we know what Photographers needs. Photographers often look for the golden light and Iceland has enough golden light Photo opportunities.

Customize your tour to secure the best photo with experts.


This is a fast and steady vessel that suits up to 15 people.

Make the trip your own and customize your private tour to suit your needs

Get customized tour where you can go whale watching  sea angling, puffin watching or do it all in one tour.

3 hour privite tour is 120.000 for up to 15 people


This blue and white steel vessel is 18,23 meters long and 4,5meter wide. There is padded seating for 50 people and a washroom on board for your convenience. The boat has a after deck and a larger fore deck and on the upper deck a good space and viewing sight as well.

The vessel is equipped with computerized navigation and communication technology. There is a good saloon where passengers can relax, have drinks while they wait for the boat to reach the activity areas, such as the Puffin Island or the fishing grounds.