Reykjavik old harbour

The old harbour is like a melting pot. A variety of restaurants, shops, bars, and tour operators, right in the center of Reykjavík.

Near by the restaurant ” Kaffivagninn”,
Grandagarður 10, Old harbour ( west side)
Make sure to bring a camera with you!

We are only a 20 min walk from the Reykjavik Tourist office
You will find our ticket office conveniently located by the old harbour,
only a 20 min. walk from the tourist Information center in downtown Reykjavik


We are only 20 min walk from Reykjavik Tourist office



Old harbour

The harbour, north and west of the old city, was built from 1913 to 1917. It was the largest construction project up to that point in Iceland´s history. (Before that most ships had to drop anchor well out to sea and transport goods in by rowboat.) Dredged rocks were hauled away by a locomotive, which is still on display along the shoreline east of the harbour.

Today, most boat traffic has moved east to Sundahöfn port. The old harbour is great for an evening stroll when the breeze isn’t too chilly.

The area most visited by tourists is the eastern pier, where Reykjavík’s remaining whale-hunting ships are absurdly lined up right across from the whale-watching ticket offices. The irony is not lost on Icelanders, since the whale-watching industry has been leading a campaign against commercial whaling.